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    SOLD: Misc Pots/Stove sets

    While going through my camping gear, I’ve noticed that I’ve become quite the stove collector…so it’s time to whittle my inventory down a little...
    All items in good or better condition; all prices include shipping CONUS; discounts on multiple items

    1) *SOLD* Snow Peak set, $50 ($85 if new):
    900ml titanium pot and lid/frying pan – used over wood fire, so it has been blackened;
    Trail Designs Ultra Light Compact Caldera Cone, brand new (new design – titanium joint, cone stores inside of pot)
    Bud Light alum bottle stove, brand new (with wicking material and integrated pot stand)

    2) *SOLD* Littlbug Jr Wood Stove $40 ($60 if new)
    Includes pot stand, alcohol stove shelf (to use with alcohol stove if wood isn’t available), protective case (second picture shows stove stored in case)
    Great, inexpensive alternative to double-walled wood stoves
    ***Item #2 fits inside the Snow Peak pot above with the other items, for a complete alcohol/wood kit (when the wood stove is inside the pot, the lid doesn’t close completely, but it’s still very secure)***

    3) *STILL AVAILABLE - EXTRACTED TO NEW POST* Caldera Keg Set – H, $40 ($60 if new):
    Heineken Keg can with silicone lip guard and silicone pot support
    Caldera Cone (used and slightly wrinkled, but still functions perfectly)
    Alcohol stove, 4 oz fuel bottle, cup/bowl with cozy, stuff sack
    This is one of the lightest, most efficient sets I’ve ever seen

    4) *SOLD* Beer cans/Titanium stove set, $25 ($40 if new):
    Heineken keg can pot, wrapped with fiberglass wick
    Tupperware 2cup container with lid, to hold/protect Heiny keg can
    Fosters can pot
    Trail Designs container for Fosters can (doubles as drinking cup and food bowl)
    Vargo Titanium Triad stove – efficient, fuel miser stove that allows you to blow out flame when done (unlike other alcohol stoves) and pour unused fuel back into bottle (this actually works very well, even for the uncoordinated like myself); This really isn't a set, it's just a few things I was trying together.

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