I got my Warbonnet today in the mail. I did not have time to give it a full testing. I did however set it up real quick and lay in it. I really think this has a flatter lay then the HH. I will try it out this weekend and give a better report.

Here are as few pros and cons that I noticed, there are more pros then cons so far.

I did not get the tarp that comes with it because I already have a MacCat tarp, so I can not do a report on the tarp.

You do not seem to get as much screening to look out of as a HH has, but it is a different hammock style too. Don't get me wrong there is plenty of screening though.

There is no ridge line, but it hangs easy and I hung it perfect the first time.

I am concerned about the hanging cord on each end of the hammock. It is thin but it seems to hold me. I will switch that out with a buckle system later. It is very easy to switch out unlike a HH cord where you have to disassemble the hammock to change it this it very simple and easy job, a child could do it.

It has a side pocket and I like the way it packs into its own pocket.

I like how you can tie out one end of the screening separately (at entry point) like you would an end of a tarp. You can reach the outside of the hammock through the entry point and access anything near you side of your hammock unlike the HH where you can not do this.

I am wondering how well the zipper will hold out on a thru hike or after a few extended long hikes. Right now it looks like it would.
Love the top level entry so far.

This has the feel of a HH or any flat laying hammock but it totally different then a HH (my opinion).

I am hoping to have the day off from work tomorrow and if I do then I will try it out. If not then I will try it out Saturday when I head out to do trail maintenance.