Iíve been interested in hammocks for a couple of years now mainly because of my back, I donít sleep very well on the ground no mater what kind of mattress I have.

I had a HH for about three weeks but didnít like the suspension system and I felt confined, so I sent it back.

The next year I used a tent again and realized I had to try a hammock again.

I ordered and bought a Warbonnet Blackbird this fall, but wasnít able to get out before the snow flew, so I tried it in my back yard. The first time I had a 20deg. bag and no pad and it was about 30 deg. outside and I was very cold. The second time I had a pad and a 30 below 0 bag. I fought with pad for awhile but I finely won and was very comfortable.

Iím in the process of reclaiming the down from an old comforter to make my own underquilt, weíll see how that goes.

Canít wait till spring to try my BB on the Superior Trail, maybe Iíll see one of you out there.

This is the first time Iíve posted anything on a forum, hope I've done it right