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    First hang, nail, bolt, drill, glue, wood...

    Well after having it for too long I decided that I might as well put her to the test, with the wife 8 and a half months pregnant I am not allowed to go far from home so actually testing in the bush is a no go, and the option i had put up in the back yard for a hanger is not quite right for this, too long.

    So out came the drill and the saw, and couple of hours staring at the pictures here I bult my own (semi) portable hanger.
    The first attempt works well, but next time I will make a few modifications but it works well, I just want it to be a bit lighter, I made it slightly longer as well...

    Well I built it, using the tarp as a measure, so it would not be too short, played around with it then finally built it, it works but i still want to try again at some stage...

    Anyway the next day I set it up, i had already swapped out the staps, put in 6 mm prussic rope and ring systems and carabiners, still have the original straps but I may swap that out with climbing tape at some stage. I used the supplied cord doe the tarp, but agin at some stahe will change that to something else.

    So to set it up I put it on the deck, ties the side of the tarp to the side of the house and the garden (note to self - next time make them at the same height and lower/tighter), flapping was loud when the wind blows, neeed to adjust height.

    In Hammock placed a termarest in the bottom pocket, down sleeping bag inside the hammock, pillow, headlamp, book under pillow and iPhone in hammock pocket.
    Hooked the net up to the same part as the tarp, did not bother with spreader bars this time, again a part I intend to play with.

    Then around 10 I hoped in her and tried her out, wow talk about big and comfy, plenty of room and very little sway, also rather comfy, read for a while then lights out and tried to sleep. note to self part 2 - full moons and hammocks not the best) there was so much light that i had trouble dropping off, plus the worry I had that my building/knots was not up to scratch.
    Eventually though i dropped off and woke once in the night, I had unzipped the sleeping bag and I was now slightly chill, zipping it up solved that and the next thing I knew it was the morning, I slept like a dream, no pain or discomfort at all, no bugs biting no grass or sand getting dragged into the tent, very comfortable for both sleeping and lounging in.
    Getting changed is a tad challenging if you were in the middle of a group of people but otherwise its perfect!

    Now i just need to work out a system for keeping my gear off the ground when in it, a rope tossed over a branch is fine in good weather but I need a system for wet weather.

    Still playing with lines and ropes and attatchments but am happy to do that, very glad i got it and now I just need to find the time to get away to the bush for a real try.

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    This thread is USELESS without pics!!!

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    what model of hammock are you using? (and please post pics!)
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