Well, we received our New River underquilts late last week, a long one for me and a normal for my 9 year old son. Even though it was going to be around 0 degrees we set up our tarps and Grand Trunk UL hammocks with a WalMart CCF pad and the New River and attempted to sleep out. Well, we made it till about midnight where I noticed my backside was a bit cold (I am a side sleeper)... But that is a bag problem, the underquilt worked wonderfully. My feet (which are always cold) were toasty warm in the wool socks. The side of my body on the CCF pad was warm, on the verge of hot. I would say that if it had been in the 20's I would have been pretty good with the clothes I had on. Thanks to Arrowhead Equip. for their wonderful product and service.