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Hey Paul,

Any pics or illistartions on how to properly hang the new river? I am not sure I am doing it correctly... I can post pics this weekend but if you have anything (close ups would be great) of how to do it properly would be a big help.

Hey Kerflop, I don't have any pics handy at the moment but I could get some this weekend I think.

But Cavscout has the basic idea down. I just clip the mini biner any place on the suspension close to the head and foot that will take it. On most hammocks you should have some easily to get to line that goes to Rings,Tri Rings, Cinch Buckles, or right to a Whoopie sling, UCR or what ever you are using for suspension. Just clip that biner on any place then snug---and only Snug up the end channel lines. You still want a good bit of give in the end channels and if you over do it they will actually cause the quilt to gap and let in cool air. You also don't want to go to crazy with the quilt suspension tension, you need just enough to keep it off the ground and in contact with the hammock when you are not in it. Once you lay down that will stretch the lines just right. To much tension before you get in will just make the quilt pull and torque open when you get in. Flex in the shock cord is the doctors orders.

Let me know though if that doesn't help.