Welocome Prepper!
I'm so sorry that even though you live in Texas that you have to travel to some country, as you have indicated in your post. Just what country is it that you visit when you go......NOT.....just kidding.

We are all very happy that you have decided to join us for some fire-side chit-chat. It's all educational, fun, and entertaing at the same time. You might find it a little different here then it is on other forums, and that's a good thing.

Sit down...strap in...hold on tight....and more importantly.....whatever you do....don't have a mouthful of coffee as you open a thread to read the next post, because it just might make you blow it through your nose from laughing too hard.

Barefoot Child

P.S. I'm no relation to Frodo's people...that's a different part of the shire.