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    driducks poncho

    My topic here is 2 fold.

    #1. I have a Speer 8x10 CatTarp, and i am preparing for an upcoming thru-hike. i was wondering if a Driducks poncho is a good addition to have for weather protection underneath? is it really necessary to have added protection if my tarp setup could eliminate any weather from effecting my UQ? I am starting my thru in mid March, so I'm not really sure if the added 5-10 degree warmth from the poncho is "necessary"

    #2. I have no sewing or DIY skills whatsoever, so i was wondering if it is worth it to pay an extra $25 to have JacksRBetter install the sewing kit on the poncho for me, or if an ignorant dude like myself could actually sew it on somehow. (that is, if i buy the poncho)


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    I've got a Dri Ducks poncho and they work quite well but they aren't the lightest option out there and they are extremely fragile. I've only used mine on my hammock and it's already got some nicks in the outer coating just from rolling it up on a picnic table. I'll still use it until it falls apart but next time I'd probably opt for an untreated nylon weather shield which would be lighter, less bulky and more durable.

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