The short skinny..., I'm a big dude 275# 6'4", Scouter -CS/BS/Venturing, and recently got back one of my tents from a close friend that admitted that it sustained "fire damage", hahahaaa...hmmmm...
Anyhow, it was an 11yo tent, and I just happened to have an 11yo, 10 pocket, airfoil parachute, and am working on cannibalizing it to make two hammocks (11' x 6') so, I am at the ground floor with this. I've been digesting Risk's and Jeff's sites like a champ for a couple of days now and am ordering custom straps from and Spectra line from NRS to complete the setup.
I'm curious if there are any 'hangers' in Tidewater with some encouragement out there. The forum here is awesome and I look forward to learning from you all!!!