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    I have many so....
    Blackcrow DIY Tarp
    Whoopie Slings
    As the journey starts ...... ahhh, fun stuff.
    Look forward to seeing your final choices.
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    You may take a look at this thread. It will give you some ideas for a starter system
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    Quote Originally Posted by cyokley View Post
    Thanks HappyCamper! I was wondering how well it compressed. I have read reviews that go both ways. Some say it compresses really well and others say not so much (I guess satisfaction depends on expectations). I will take a look at the Campmor bags. Thanks for the suggestion!
    CYOKLEY, I bought a Cat's Meow as my first bag about a year ago, and was able to get it down to a reasonable size with the compression straps on the stuff sack. The bag served me well on an AT section hike in September. That being said, I nearly froze a month later on top of Standing Indian Mt. when the temp unexpectedly dropped into the 20's. If I had it to do over again, I would have put the extra money into a lighter and warmer (and more expensive) down bag. It's easy to unzip your bag if you get warm, but not a lot of fun if you get too cold. A year later, and I'm in the market for a new bag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyokley View Post
    ~ Exped Downmat 9 - I decided to get this mat because when my wife goes I will be dwelling on the ground and I wanted to be as comfortable as possible in both the hammock and a tent. The Exped has the highest R-value of any mat/pad I could find and the main complaint I have heard about hammocks is that they can be cold so I wanted something with really good insulation that would keep me as warm as possible. I have also talked with people here at HF that have used the Exped in their hammock and they say it keeps them warm and toasty into the 30's or 40's which is as low as I plan to go with this setup.
    I have had an exped downmat 7, paired with an REI 0 degree bag, down to 25, and was completely warm - in fact, i was so warm that I shed most of my layers during the night. I slept comfortable with the same pad at 30 degrees in nothing but a t-shirt and boxers inside of my sleeping bag.

    I have since switched to an underquilt, so don't expect to go much lower, but I would predict that the downmat 7 would be warm to at least the teens.

    A downmat 9 could potentially be warm to zero degrees, if you have adequate top insulation.

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    Do follow the above advise.
    Do get the cheapest hammock to start.

    Lifetime daytime hanger.
    Two seasons into overnights : summer and fall. Down to 30deg.

    We bought a ENO Doublenest then began to consider nighttime hanging.
    THEN found this site.

    My first moonlit summer night I was hooked. My husband not as much.

    Reading and learning here will at first confuse then help sort out what is best for you.

    Our second hammock is a ENO singlenest ( would not get this again ),
    there WILL BE a WB BlackBird in the future.

    Like the ENO Doublenest because it can wrap around you like a cocoon ( for quick naps with few bugs )
    and no attached bugnet.

    Got a Speers Snugfit UQ for husband and have made ( DIY ) varied seasonal cocoons ( for me ) and topquilts.

    Welcome and Enjoy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sonic View Post
    the longer you wait, the more research you do, the more money you save, the more creative you become. (one way to look at it, or...)
    there will always be that next thing that you want to add to your collection. I want all of them.. you can read and dream about that ultimate tarp/hammock/UQ/TQ combo. that is inevitable (obviously if your a member now). But the part that is fun, (and why I think most of us are here) is its a good reason to get outside and do something under the sky. that being said, you don't have to spend a fortune to hang between two trees.
    I would actually suggest going with a grand trunk ultra light as a first hammock. (especially if you are into ultralight hiking). its around 10 oz and very simple, and the best part, its 20 bucks!!! great way to see if you like sleeping in a hammock. If you have a few good nights, or afternoon naps, then look into furthering your collection, if you get into it you will end up buying a GTUL anyways just cause its 20 bucks. I just modified my GTUL with whoopie slings, and home made tree huggers using the marlin spike hitch (thanks grizz). even though I have quite a collection of hammocks going, one of my first to grab is the one I have spent the least on, my $20 grand trunk ultra light.
    I categorize the ultimate setup as this:effective and easy, in that order. Simplicity is most important to me, as on extended hikes i tire of retying knots over and over, which is why i love the whoppie slings and marlin spikes, and why i love the sliding prussic tarp over ridgeline method. My only thing i need to resolve is guyouts, as of right now im just doing a few wraps around the stake and then a "loop wrap" to secure it. I would like to get a system for the tarp tieouts where there are no knots (similar to a whoppie or ucr), the hold is strong, and has an elastic/flexible element to it. THen my setup would be totally the way i want it.

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