OK folks... here is another idea fresh off the shelf. 1 of these has been in the hands of one of our tarp builders for about a week... and everything looks like its a go.

The No Knot Guy Line... with a prusik rather than a constrictor...

Imagine your tarp on the other end of that D-ring.

Once you receive them, just larks head the prusik loop onto your D-rings and thats it. Attach the sliced loop over your stake, while holding the prusik knot with one hand, use your other hand to pull the tail through the prusik to stretch the tensioner.

These are made using the 1.75mm line in Red, Yellow or Grey with a 1.75mm prusik in any of the available colors. They will be made using the silicone tubing. Standard length will be 8' fully extended.

There is a limit of safety inherent in the design. The 3 wrap prusik will slip at around 30 pounds of force. This should help eliminate torn tarps of you trip over your guy line.

Price is the same as the other version, $6.50 each in any color, shipped USPS First Class. I will also be offering a warranty on the tubing for 1 year. If it fails or tears I will send out all the materials you need to replace the tubing.

I have not added these to my site yet, so if anyone is interested, shoot me a PM.