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    cheap cheap

    The dirt-cheapest hammock out there is on $25 it has a mosquito net that can only be termed "gossamer", you do get what you pay for, tho. It has been thoroughly critiqued on several threads on this forum, so lets not go thru all that again. You asked for a cheap hammock, there it is.

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    I wouldn't call a 0deg bag overkill......but on the other hand may well be. As noted by other Ontarian's here, it's not so much the heat as it is the humidity. I'm sure that far north the humidity won't be much of a problem but the 0deg bag will offer you a nice comfy sleep whether it is cold or not.

    I've camped in July, further to the south in Algonquin PP, and was so hot I put my sleeping pad on the ground out side my tent (easy everyone .... before my hammock days!) and slept in a t-shirt and shorts. Last July I was there and would have froze if not for a good sleeping bag. It would be a good idea to keep and eye on the local forcast and be ready for anything.

    Be sure to have a good bug net. I'm not sure that the black flies will still be out in Quetico in July, (others can correct me if I'm wrong as I may also be heading that way this year) but mosquito's have been known to carry small children away with them.
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    The 0 degree bag is filled with Primaloft. If it is hot, I can compress the air in it, if cold, make it expand with more air.

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    I live in the ottawa/gatineau area in West Quebec - I have been to Quetico once about 10 years ago and am going back with my family in early August.

    My $.2 - make a neatsheet underquilt - easy light, versatile, breaths well, cheap and all you will need under you.

    I would not use the bag you have unless I really had no choice. I use the JRB Stealth over me during those months, with the NSUQ, and if needed longunderwear and a longsleeve shirt, usually bring a toque as well.

    You are past blackfly season by the end of June, but mosquitoes and no-see-ums are always an issue and a bug net is a must. I am using a WBBB now and really like it. I also have a Speer made from a kit (very light and inexpensive, but velcro requires care, good for walking) and a jungle hammock (great in bug country, I little heavier, good for canoeing).

    my bottom line advice, pick up a used hammock and tarp off the forum (I would part either hammock if you are interested, but need my tarps) and spend your money on the quilt, I think you will really enjoy this!!

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    I was going to mention permathrin.

    Here are some hammocks at campsaver.
    There is a netted hammock for $50 on that site.
    You are light so it would work.

    You can also build a hammock pretty easily.
    Just go to risks page and look around.
    I made mine out of walmart ripstop on sale for $1.50.
    Get your mom or a relative to sew hem the edges.
    Mine cost about $18 to build.

    You would need a net though.

    Mine is a 2 layer asym and you sleep diagonal.
    Harbor freight 12' straps is the cheapest suspension.
    You will need drip strings or a ring and loop setup.

    For tarps you can go from the $8 8x10 poly tarp from Lowes to
    a UL silnylon from Campmor. Get an 8x10. About $70. In a canoe weight does not really matter so much so you might want to consider the cheapest one you can find thats decent.

    Downside of the poly tarp is its noisy.

    I have a 10x12 tarp because its very roomy and more options for setup.

    Sounds like a fun trip.

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    Okay, how can I make a cheap UQ?

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    Easiest fastest and cheapest way is to just buy a cheap synthetic fill retangular nylon bag and cut the zips off of it (or not) YOu just need some way to hang it.

    Not sure if a kids bag would be big enough or not.

    Try walmart. They should be cheap there, just get one that is all nylon, IE no flannel liner etc.

    For a canoe trip I think that would work.

    I just slept in my test rige with CCF pads and a garlington under setup at 14dF and was toasty, but with on a canoe trip weight does not really matter as much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rankinesoccer View Post
    Okay, how can I make a cheap UQ?
    The cheapest would be to use a pad that you already have or gey a Walmart blue pad. It's not a UQ but it's cheap and effective.

    Quote Originally Posted by tammons View Post
    YOu just need some way to hang it.
    That's the rub! I spent alot of time trying just that and always ended up with cold spots from the syntetic bag falling away from the hammock from it's own weight. I did have luck using a poncho liner but wasn't very warm.

    I broke down and bought a Jacks R Better Shennendoah quilt. It works wonderfully as a UQ but I find for the conditions in the part of the world that you're planing to go, it is more useful as a TQ used with a pad. In July, I take a pad, the shennendoah quilt and a light biker bag to the trail head and and decided what to bring after listening to the most recent weather reports. If the weather conditions are calm and above 50F I bring the quilt as a UQ, the biker bag as a TQ and leave the pad in the truck. But if it's cooler than 50F I bring the quilt as a TQ , the pad as bottom insulation and leave the biker bag in the truck. For even cooler conditions I also toss in a 20F sleeping bag and forget about the biker bag altogther.

    I use a thermarest as a pad and a Eureka Hoback biker bag. It's a nice bag. It packs down nicely, It is very light, but now it is very expensive. You can get the same performance with a little more bulk (should be fine for canoe camping) with a GI poncho linerfor a$50-$60 less.

    Hope this helps some but remember hammocks tarps and insulation are a pretty individual and personal thing. You will just have to jump in and try for yourself. Good luck!

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