I backpack all year long using the hammock. Depending on the season I use the Speer, Bear Mountain and Clark's Jungle hammocks. Before I started using the hammock I tried every light weight tent I could find but I could never get a good nights sleep. Now I have about 10 light weight tents I don't use. I am by trade a Hydrogeomorphologist. I try to redesign rivers back to their natural state after man has destroyed them. I have spent most of my life in the woods and mountains. My trail name is Gadgets since I have tried about every new gadget out there. I usually solo hike and have hiked in Montana on the CDT and have hiked half of the AT. Winter backpacking is usually the most challenging. I try to use the alcohol or esbit stoves to keep down my base pack weight. Let me know if you have any kind works of wisdom you can share with me that would make my backpacking more complete. I have a MS degree in engineering and environmental biology and like to classify everything I see along the trail.