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    Possible cheap down underquilt or top quilt

    I'm new to this so I'm not sure if this would be a good deal but thought I would put it out there. I can't afford it but thought if it was a good deal, maybe I could make up for all the great information I gleam from the site. Today only, with this link, you get at least 50% off any thing at sierra trading post. They have a marmot semi-rectangular down sleeping bag that is rated at 40 degrees. It is 1 lb. 15 oz. 600 fill. Since it is semi retangular, I thought it might be easier to make an underquilt. With the link, it makes it only $82.50.

    Follow link then search for marmot sleeping bag. I hope it helps and is a good deal. By the way, thanks to everyone for the great information on this site. I just graduated from a nursing program so I am broke, but as soon as I get a job, I'm donating to the site and putting a setup together. I lived in Brazil and slept on many hammocks and think it is the only way to go.

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    Welcome Wander....errrr.....WFaN

    Others will answer better than I can on this

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    Good deal! I'll bet that with some sewing skill you could remove the zipper and trim the width down to the usual UQ (or TQ size). Should come in at about 24 oz. Not an UL, but great value for $90 (w/shipping).
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    Welcome aboard! I know a lot of people here think Brazilian hammocks are the most comfortable indoor replacement for a mattress. Hopefully you'll be hanging indoors and out before too long.

    Thanks for the STC link - special deals are always good. It actually says 20% off when I click on it, but that's OK, I'm not shopping today anyway.

    When you're ready to invest in an underquilt yourself how low do you want it to take you? I've made a few neatsheet-microfoam UQs with a finished cost of something like $10. They've kept me really comfortable down to about 50 degrees. The first link is a really great tutorial about how to make a plain NS quilt, the second touches on adding microfoam between the neat sheet layers, which adds 10-15 degrees of warmth.

    If you want an UQ for colder temps and know someone with a sewing machine, this is a pretty easy and inexpensive option:
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    Thanks for the info. I've got my material to sew my first hammock, and your links might be good ways to get my first UQ vitamaltz. Sorry the link didn't work for you, it does for me but it is also from my email so that might be part of it. Sorry TOB9595 for the long username. I'm use to being called all kinds of things, so I will probably respond to whatever name you put down.

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    check upper rt corner for 50% off
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