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    Pics of my #3 zipper mod

    Got all excited when the postman delivered my HH Explorer Deluxe Saturday. I had sent it to 2Q/ZQ for a #3 zipper mod on the left side. Why a #3 mod and why on the left you ask? Well I always use the bug net on this hammock and the left side has a lower 'wall' on the head end making it easier for me to reach out and get something below. And.. I have a left side zip winter sleeping bag. Anyway, the workmanship is outstanding! The zipper looks like it was there from day 1. Opening it up and flipping the netting back makes it much easier to put everything in place and I quickly realized another's easy as can be to shake out the interior to remove dirt, rocks, crumbs, etc. This is a great mod and ZQ is an artist with a sewing machine. Thanks 2Q & ZQ!

    #3 mod.jpg_1.JPGFoot end.jpg_1.JPGHead end.jpg_1.JPG
    Unzipped1.jpg_1.JPGUnzipped2.jpg_1.JPGZipper pulls.jpg_1.JPG
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