Last night just before going to sleep (in my hammock naturally), I had a thought (I do that sometimes): My hanging ropes are literally covered in sweat from my hands, from what I understand Porcupines LOVE salt & will eat anything with salt on (or near) it. Has anyone while in Porcupine territory, had an “issue” with the little darlins chewing through your support system?
Seems that it may indeed be an issue to think about, but I don’t have any ideas as to how to prevent it. I imagined that you would be lying there, sound asleep, when: SNAP, THUD as they cut through your line & you fall to the ground. I know my girls (rats) can chew thru a nylon shoe string held tight in one bite, that is ONE bite, & my largest one weighs in at only 1 Lb. Porcupines are MUCH larger.
Porcupines also live in trees, the things we usually hang from.

I don’t have an answer to this. I’m not going to stop hanging because of it! Don’t even know if it is a real or imagined problem.