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    Yet another ENO review

    As promised here's the review of the ENO underquilt.

    It's not as thorough as I had originally planned. Mostly because oldgringo's land is AWESOME and so is he. We spent most of the overnight outing talking and walking around the property. The 10 minutes of the video is really just us chatting about the two but nonetheless please enjoy.

    My thanks defiantly go out to oldgringo. He's got a nice little spot hidden away up there and I couldn't have picked a better place to do this.

    A couple of things I missed were starting and finishing weight. Video during the hang itself, and the actual dimensions of the underquilt. It also didn't get quite as cold as I was hoping but I'll keep the forum up to date if anything changes.

    Be forgiving, we made this with a digital camera so the audio is a little out of sync. Pretend I'm speaking japanese. :-)
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