I'm a new guy. Currently residing in Portland, ME. I'm taking a month long backpacking trip in April to Costa Rica. I could decide on which tent to bring but then it dawned on me. Why not a hammock.. So I've been looking into which would be the best for the climate and ease of use.

The Clark jungle looks rugged and quality. The Hennsessy looks the fastest to pack up. I know this probably gets asked all the time, but I have to be picky especially being in a foreign country for a month or longer. I've read reviews on both products. I've never read where someone regretted buying the Clark as where I've read mixed reviews on Hennessy. I read that Hennessy is from China now? I couldn't confirm from there site though.

So my question. If you were 6'3", 240, and were traveling through rainforest for a month or two with all types of creepy crawlies, which product would you feel most comfortable with? Thanks and I look forward to your responses.