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You need 40" of amsteel to make a 12" continuous loop?!? Wow, that's a lot of rope!

Why not use a triple fisherman's knot? It will save you on half the rope and half the weight?
You can do it with less. You need a total bury of 5" plus 1" taper on one side.
So 2' for the loop and 6" for one bury and probably 2" for the other side.

24" + 6" + 2" = 32"

A double fisherman's will take up about 3" a knot and you need two.
So 24" + 3" + 3" = 32"

So for 2" you get a pretty good boost to strength.

The double fisherman's does not test well for strength retention, but we probably will not max it out either way in this application.