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    Hanging info needed please

    I will be in the Knoxville, TN area this weekend and was wondering if anyone can tell me of a good spot to overnite hang at in the area? If theres not much in that area, I will be traveling back thru Chattanooga, so maybe some thing in that area?

    this is just for an over nite, and I would like something not too far off of I-75.

    Thanks for the help!
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    check out norris dam state park.(norris lake) from knoxville go north on 75 about 20 mins. watch for signs for exit. i think its about 5-10 mins. from the interstate. if you have time, definatly check out the museum of appalachia, which you will drive right past. for camping near chattanooga,there is camping at tennessee wall. don't know what the situation is now. there used to be a place where all the climbers camped for free, but i think there may be a kind of a low key private campground on the same road that everone uses now instead. probably only around 5$/night though. it's all right along the banks of the TN river. very nice, lots of trees. i think that is probably your best bet for anywhere within 30 mins of chattanooga. to find out specifics go to there is a message board there to ask questions.

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    This place is not too far off I-75 in NW Georgia. I've been wanting to go there for some time now. Said to be a real hidden gem in Georgia:
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    whatever you do, don't go to rock city, you may as well just burn your money.

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    or ruby falls

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