Hey all,
I'm a new convert to the hammock, I just recently realized that the reason I no longer enjoyed camping was the horrible back ache I always had when I awoke in the morning. So I've got a HH Explorer Ultralight on order.
I've been lurking here for a couple of days reading what I can as well as visiting every other forum I can think of in order to figure out to stay dry/warm and away from the mosquitos. In all this research I've seen that many of you are making your own hammocks and accessories as well.

My question is this. What ever happened to the old Parachute silk Hammocks.
I've got a perfectly good surplus parachute in my closet that I thought might make a perfect back yard or guest hammock. Is this a really bad idea (poor fabric durability, etc...) or what?

Any input would be appreciated.

Yes I do plan to get either a Nest or Speer's new Snugfit when finances allow.