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    Quote Originally Posted by hammock engineer View Post
    I should add that if I was in an area really in the middle of nowhere where people usually are not found, I would consider carrying bear spray. I think, just my opinion without a lot of research, that bears not used to seeing people would be more likely to approach you and see what you are and if there was a food oportunity.
    Well, though I certainly agree with you on carrying that bear spay, what about the bears that are used to seing people? Like the one that killed the lady in GSMNP, the child in Murphy, NC or the 11 year old snatched from his tent a couple of weeks ago at the campground in Utah? None of these were at deep wilderness locations.

    I always carry some form of defence if legal, and pray that I never even have to think about using it. And so far, so good. Its all just been useles extra weight I had to lug. The closest bad outcome was the near porcupine attack in Colorado!
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