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Thread: Bears

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rapt View Post
    Yeah, all the animal encounters where I've lost food were with animals much smaller than me. Flying squirrels, racoons, chipmunks have all been guilty of raiding my food.

    The coons, were a family, one of the small ones shimmied down the rope hanging the food pack and then proceeded to throw it down to the rest.

    Flying squirrel, chewed a hole in the side and helped himself to some really nice trail-mix/granola...

    Chippies just get into everything even when you're there watching and even cooking....

    Flying Squirrel?? Like Rocky?

    Yes, I'm bored at work.

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    Grizzilies are unpredictable.

    Black Bears are not - they are there for your food. I've encountered many black bears on the trails and they always turn and run.

    Statistically, you have many, many times more chance of being killed by bees, dogs, or lightning. And it's not even close. Use a Bear Canister and don't run, and watch out for Bees and Lightning.

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