I have 2 boys 13 and 11 years old. Late last year we did a bushveld survival course and absolutely loved it. At the time we made our own shelters but had to sleep on the ground. The instructor had a really comfy looking mattress and, not only did we freeze but, I am sure that more rocks crept under me during the night. I am sure there were not as many when I first went to sleep.

Anyway, on the second day the instructors wife arrived and he set her up in a awesome looking hammock and tarp (we call it a basha). Needless to say she slept like a baby and didn't want to get out of bed the next morning! We on the other hand, had been up before the sun as we just couldn't take being uncomfortable for another second.

I have not been able to do very many trips since the course but my lads are begging to get out into the bush again. When we have been out it's been in a tent and on the ground!

As a certifiable DIYer, I came across a few hammock sites in my research amongst which was this forum. I have lurked for a while and have decided to join in on the fun.

After reading a few posts and watching a few YouTube videos I decided to grab a queen-size sheet, loop the end through a knot I found on the web and string it up between my stairs and a door frame (I did bend a piece of steel to fashion a hook for the door frame). Both my kids got into it and begged me to leave it there for them to spend the night in. They both commented on how comfortable it was. Pity I didn't take pictures of it. Couldn't get much simpler than 2 pieces of rope and a sheet.

So now we are going round our tiny complex home looking for where we are going to be putting eye hooks up so we can hang whenever we need to. This weekend I am also going to build one of those wooden hanging frames that have recently been discussed on this forum. I am also on the lookout for material etc to start making my own hammocks.

Oh well that's me, hopefully not too boring a story.

BTW I have to buy my own thread injector as my wife doesn't have one?!? Don't tell my mates