hi everyone, i haven't been on hf much lately, i've been pretty busy with orders and trying to get the new website up and get items in stock. i'm relieved to say that the new website is now up.


i've got a few new items which include: spinn ul tarps, and removable door kits for all tarp sizes, and 3 season and winter topquilts.

most things are in-stock and can be purchased through the shopping cart, a few items are out of stock at the moment, but if you want something that's out of stock, simply email me just like before to get on the waiting list for the item if you wish, i'd then email you a paypal request once it's ready to ship just like i've been doing all along.

winter tq's and winter yeti' are on sale.

3 season tq's are listed as out of stock, and i expect another batch done in a week or so. However... if you look in the promotions section, you'll see i have prototypes avail of: 3 season tq's long and reg, and winter long tq's.

there are also a few blemish items listed on that page too, the sale items etc...

i'd like to thank lyttlebryan and attroll for working on the site, and everyone else who gave their input.