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    Quote Originally Posted by IRONFISH45 View Post
    I emailed Arrowhead about the full length UQ for the RR. I was told it is not in production yet and not expected to be until more research/testing. Arrowhead scoffed at my interest this time of the year. However, I use a full UQ year around, I rarely Hang where it is warm enough to go without a UQ. I could always vent if the need arose, so far in 14 years of Hanging, I have never had my back side too warm...
    Try not to take it too hard, IRONFISH45. I too found out first-hand that Paul can be quite blunt when rejecting an e-mail request that asks for something that doesn't follow his product development timeline, fit well within his line of goods, or mesh well with his specific business model. Paul is a busy man and the head of a company -- AHE is not really a cottage vendor, after all, is it? -- and he still took the time to reject your request personally, which seems oddly commendable. There's even an item on the AHE website where for $10,000 Paul will come to your house and reject your request in person...

    ...So I hope you can take it light. I think Paul does. He clearly has a plan and seems intent on following it. At least it includes eventually offering exactly what you want.

    On the bright side, given that the development schedule for a 4-season quilt seems immutable, in the interim you could always DIY a reasonable facsimile of this underquilt that meets your specifications. This thread and the AHE website provide you with pretty much all the information you need to make an adequate one yourself, and, if and when Paul sees fit to introduce a 4S version of his quilt, you can consider his if you still want it.

    Your other clear option would be to buy a 3S version of his full-length quilt and then stack it with a 1-season AHE Jarbidge River or (better) your own DIY supplement; Paul's AHE factory quilt will have already taken care of the hard part with the fit and suspension, so your DIY supplement made out inexpensive CS 2.5 could literally piggyback onto his 3S quilt as a booster, removable when it wasn't needed. There's always a way.


    Quote Originally Posted by pgibson View Post
    This quilt uses a new internal tensioning system that pulls on all 4 of the cat cut edges, drawing them inward to the hammock to get a good edge seal from quilt to hammock. The tensioning system is so proactive then when the quilt is not attached to the hammock it resembles a pill bug half rolled. So when the hammock is unoccupied the quilt will pull up on the ends...
    This sounds like elven magic. Have any additional photographs or further details on this quilt and/or its internal tensioning system?
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    I finally pulled the trigger on a new ridgerunner yesterday. Looking forward to seeing This new quilt hit the market!

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    This quilt is on the market now! And on sale! Order placed.

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