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    I moto and camp as well. I carry and use an UQ, TQ, tarp, inflatable pillow, etc. I also have a Blackbird XLC.
    Comfort is everything, not like you are actually carrying it. I can fit all my hammock and camping stuff in an Enduristan large (I think tornado). I never use the tarp unless it is raining. I started with a pad, more hassle than it's worth. Spring for the good stuff, you'll never look back. Originally tried to cheap it out and I was never comfortable, now I sleep like a baby. I have an additional rig set up in the orchard/backyard and sleep there almost daily.e

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    I am newer to hammocks than you, but probably not to motorcycles. I bought a First Gear dry bag for all camping gear tied to the luggage rack. I used a sleeping bag in the hammock for a recent two week trip and found it OK into the lower fifties, but I don't think it would work any cooler. Also the sleeping bag is a lot of work. A UQ is in my future if I go out in cool weather. I am finding forest service and motorcycle only campgrounds have trees for hanging, so going to ground is not required. While looking at the stars may be nice, the Appalachians always are wet with either rain or dew in the mornings.

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    I'm new to hammocking as well but not to camping off the bike so there really isn't that much I need to change besides my way of thinking kinda like you. I have a V-Strom DL1000A that I mounted a set of large ammo cans onto so space isn't really that much of a problem. Check out YouTube for ways to modify your existing sleeping bag to make it into a pod system, that is what I plan on doing because I have too much invested in the bags my son and I use to just let them sit dormant or sell them at a loss. I plan on doin' YT vidja soon on how to do it for my son's Grand Trunk Double but I still haven't figured out how to convert one for the Chameleon I have coming LOL. Good luck and I will be keeping an eye on this thread for more ideas.

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    Just a word of caution folks. If this thread stays on hammocks, it will remain in the General area. If it strays over to the motorcycle pieces, it will be moved to the Donating member section. This is Hammock Forums and not Motorcyle forums Please keep this thread on topic.

    Thank you

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