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    Quote Originally Posted by SoundWitness View Post
    Just Jeff;

    Appreciate this forum, hence why I donate. I joined WB after lurking for a half a year, and was a regular lurker on the Hammock subs. Alot of early experimentation/posts that beefed up my interest on becoming a hanger. But being on WB and seeing the banter (although sometimes really funny, I admit), got old after awhile. I was thrilled when this site came into existance, because it was centered on what I liked and was interested in. The knowledge on this site is immense, without the attitudes. (enough said on that).

    I appreciate the dedication you all have put into this site! Now I believe its time to hug a mod!!
    Not to mention it seemed to be the same topics that kept getting cycled around. I can only read other people's opinion on the same places or the same gear so many times.
    Is that too much to ask? Girls with frikkin' lasers on their heads?
    The hanger formly known as "hammock engineer".

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    I joined 11-2006. I have less than 200 posts but it's because I read so much... I don't have to say anything. I love this site. Helps me daydream about being out when I can't be! #114.
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