Dutch, No time limit..It appears we may take a load down in July!!! Personally!!
The lightweight stuff will do, Dutch, good idea. Also, those simple headnets would provide relief.

John (MrPrez), Unless its double layer, which would be way to warm, I can't think of any single layer fabric that would be better than others. Any fabric can work, gottta hit up wal-mart and see whats available, the $1.00 bin would be ideal. Netting sock and hammock?

Mac, the size of the hammock was something the girls from the orphanage suggested..I felt the same way, one size fits most, but I was trying to accomadate her needs. 5 foot of fabric and gather and larkshead. Done. But I agree with you on this, but she has around 75 toddlers to 15 yr old kids, so I see where size could be an issue.