I am getting ready to start ordering materials for my down quilt. As well as the material for the shell of the quilt (Momentum90) I was going to pick up some extra NoSeeUm for the baffles. The only netting that Thru-hiker.com sells is the Nanoseeum netting which is "32% lighter than standard noseeum". I normally get my NoSeeUm from Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics and I have no problems with it.

One concern about the Nanoseeum is that is almost 3 times the cost of regular NoSeeUm. The Nanoseeum from Thru-hiker is 6.84 per yard for the 55" wide fabric while the NoSeeUm from OWF is 2.90 per yard for the same width. I'm already spending $60 for fabric, not to mention what I have already spent on down, so I wanna keep my costs down as much as possible.

I have never seen Nanoseeum but it being 32% lighter tells me that there is less material that makes up the netting which would mean that the Nano may not be as strong as the regular NoSeeUm. I would think that when making a baffle for a quilt you would want the strongest stuff out there to keep the baffles from tearing. The weight savings would be minimal. If I were making a bug bivy the weight savings factor may make a difference.

Have any of you used the Nanoseeum from Thru-hiker? Is there any reason that I should use the Nano or should I just go with the regular stuff? Any comments on the differences between the 2 would be welcome.