Hi All,

Proud first Hammock owner since December last year!

First did some severe lurking around this site, laughed till tears about Shugs video's on Youtube (I found this site because of his videos), decided to make my own Hammock but wimped out when I found the DDHammock site.
Can't make my own Hammock with that quality for that price.

Ordered the loaded DDPack wich include the DDtarp, DDsleeve, DDHammock Traveler, two DD-T-shirts, DD-Whistle, DD-extra-tape, DDsleepingbag-liner and an extra DD-Hammock Traveler for my friend as well.
Yesterday I also ordered the DD-underquilt, because even indoors I got a chilly bum.
Last night I slept in it with two sheepskin under me and it was super comfy and plush.
Wife complaining she misses me in bed (slept in it at total for 8 nights now). I had to lie in my reply offcourse.
This weekend I will be sleeping outdoors, you can call it DD-outdoors by now... Together with my DD-friend.

After I bought the Hammock I read some things about this DDHammocks being (to) small. I am the maximum height for this Hammock (thank God not in weight!) at 6'5" and 120kg. No issues what so ever for being to large for the Hammock. An extra inch in bodylenght would have fit as well I think, but it would be close.
The DD-T-shirts however... Gave them both to my (smaller) DDFriend.

Thanks all for reading!
Thanks Shug for making me laugh!