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    I find that in winter, I can get by with a warm but not super hot UQ if i use a pad with it. I have a thermarest with an r-value of 2.6. When i add it to my no sniv on the bottom and my no sniv topquilt, i can go down below freezing comfortably. Keep in mind i am wearing EXTRA THICK wool socks to sleep in, a balaclava w/ hat attached, and merino wool baselayers. The baselayers are rated 200 (icebreaker). Pads provide a great boost of temp, if you can learn to sleep on one-they are less comfy than an UQ. But they have allowed me to go lower without having to buy another expensive uq.

    Im glad you had a a great time on your first winter trip! Before the summer comes try to do a few days. If you can stay out there for a few nights you will learn a great deal from having that extra time to perfect your setup. It will only get better!

    Enjoyed the videos, thanks for the contribution to the forum!

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    I really enjoyed reading and watching your report especially since I just completed my first really cold winter hang with almost the same exact temps. (11 degrees) I had a full sized homemade UQ with a winged full length Wally Word pad and a zero degree bag. I wore heavy fleece pants on the bottom and reg long johns with Patagonia down sweater. I wore a neck gaitor and a NF Windstopper hat. I'm a cold sleeper but with this rig I stayed toasty all night....sleeping nine hours. I feel the pad with the wings really made the difference. Oh yeah...I also wore NF down booties to bed...critical in my opinion.

    BTW...our ground was also frozen solid but I was able to easily secure my tarp by using 9" aluminum gutter nails as stakes. Just don't pound them in too far as they can be a real "B" to get out in the morning.

    Again I really enjoyed the comparison. Loved the video too.


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    I was bored and out of curiosity I was checking the actual temps around the Bear Mountain area the night I did my first overnight winter hike. Turned out to be the coldest day and night of the month and my watch thermometer doesnt register lower than 15* so I guessed the temp it went to.... 11* that night was entirely wrong. It got down to 3* that night so I went lower than I thought.

    Further solidifying how awesome the warbonnet sleep system is. I made it down to the rating.

    January 30th, 2010

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