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    MtRoger report: ...must have been the Scotch

    Low temp: 8*F
    High Temp: 24*F
    Snowfall: about 18"
    All went well. Must have been the Scotch!

    Here's a video that gives you an idea of what it would be like to come across us from out in the snow.

    Doctari and Rob cleared a huge amount of fallen timber from the trail before most people arrived. Here is video showing them taking empty pulks to the parking lot so they could get more gear and clear debris on the way back. They pulked over grass and over rocks. Here is another. And another. Most people moved their cars out to the main road, but it turned out to be unnecessary, because they plowed all the way to the gravel parking lot. Here are two late arrivals before the snow.

    About ten folks arrived on Thursday. A total of about 30 people made it. JJJ, WVHammockMaker, Stormcrow and HollowLeg arrived on Saturday in the snow.

    Saturday the shelter began to look like any other Mt Rogers hang.

    Wood was very hard to burn, even in wood stoves. Here is Stormcrow doing his usual careful job of making a fire. WVHammockMaker made a trip into the woods and brought back firewood using his Molly Mac Pack!

    Here is 2Q romping in the snow using snowshoes!

    The raffle went well. The Grand Prizes were "pick from what's on the back row", and NCPatrick won the first selection! He did well, again!

    Dutch pulking out with 2Q's sled.

    Four pulks leaving together.

    Here is a link to my Phoitobucket pictures and videos.

    - MacEntyre
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