I got a late shout about a possible trip to Loch Lomond this weekend, I asked the boss and she said go for it (must be after something) so the bags were packed and I was off.
I should have been visiting the Brass Monkeys bushcraft meet for just the day on Saturday but the three day pass out from Carol was too good to knock.

We managed to tuck ourselves away into a south westerly facing bay on Inchconnachan, luckily avoiding most of the baltic winds that were blasting down the length of the loch all weekend. It was cold and we thought probably well into the minuses.
I also got to try out my new down underblanket from Ed which was soooooo toasty. Also tried a Blackbird on the second night, just to convince myself I needed one.

A few pics then, nothing much really just water, trees and wallabies with some sunsets and crap moon shots.