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Thread: Hammock Damage?

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    Hammock Damage?

    All that appears in italics is self effacing humor, and irrelevant to the question. Feel free to skip...

    So I bought a casualty blanket from Amazon. It is a space blanket with some extra layers to make it more durable. It is great because is it silver and olive, and doesn't crinkle nearly as much as its thinner breathearn. I planned on using this with my Hennessy Supershelter, which I bought for my move from Alabama to Michigan.

    I pulled it from the mailbox and put it on the workbench in the garage, with every intent of using it that evening while watching the fire. This fire would be the bonfire for all the things that aren't worth selling before we move. Of course, the workbench in the garage became the staging point for the items that were destined for a Viking funeral, and the casualty blanket went up in smoke. Not sure who actually threw it in, but I'll take the blame and use my first smilie

    So, in a fit of rage, I ordered three more casualty blankets, a poncho liner, and a Grand Trunk Ultralight to let the emotional healing begin

    I have a brand new Grand Trunk Ultralight-in camouflage. It has what appear to be small holes and runners, and I'm wondering if this will affect the structural integrity. The holes look like what a ribbon or nameplate does to a uniform shirt, and the runner is less than a 16th of an inch and looks like what happens to women's stockings. There appear to be 5-6 of these small imperfections where my feet would go. I haven't even set the hammock up yet, so it is certainly from manufacture. Nothing appears to be torn, and I think when weight is in the hammock, they might disappear-or I will fall through it.

    I don't really want to return it if the holes won't be a factor. Can I still use the hammock without fear of tearing?

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    I would contact the manufacturer and ask them about this. Why pay for firsts and get seconds ? Sound like you have been through enough already.

    Cheers, Dale
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    Runners near the side seams probably won't hurt anything, but if you have holes where your feet go, I'd be careful. A heel on one of those holes as you're adjusting your position and you might turn it into a rip. I'd definitely contact the manufacturer...he posts on HF now and then. Besides, like Darby said, why pay firsts and get seconds? I'm sure he'll fix it for you.
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    I found some small holes on my GT camo yesterday, BUT, I have been very very ruf on it and have used it alot since I got it,,,,,
    The tiny holes were on both sides below the folded hem. In all fairness this is where I sit and where the kids climb in and out.

    I patched one spot and left the others alone.

    The side stuff sack started to get pulled off,, I am sure the kids used it as a handle..... so I took it the rest of the way off.
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