There has been a few threads on that pipe hammock stand, and using tail pipe extensions for a little more height.
I have been very satisfied since adding the tail pipe extensions....

And yesterday it was put to a test, not intentionaly though.
My double Hammock Bliss came in last week and I have slept in it a few nights already.

Yesterday, I ask Baby Momma, to get in the hammock with me just to see if we both fit.

Now the humor part,,,,
Remember that joke? " Baby, do the jeans make my butt look fat"?
All was going well, I had all the confidence in my hammock stand,

Sooooo, as the GF was deploying herself into the hammock with me,,, we started to slowly decend to the ground...

I looked at her and said.
"No baby", it aint the jeans, it is that 2" pipe, up there that just folded over when you got in.....

In all fairness, her butt aint that big, but I took pleasure in teasing her ....

No big deal, I am gonna get the muffler shop to make another one today.

Pictures,,, no way,,,,,,,,,,