How are you determining if it has DWR?
Just if it's shiny on BOTH sides?

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In the tradition of some of Jeff's fabric tours, I checked out a couple walmarts on a trip I did this weekend. To my luck of the 2 walmarts I checked, both had something of use to me.

I ended up with 19.75 yards Blue 1.9 untreated, 8.75 yards of silver 1.1 DWR, 6.75 yards grey 1.9 untreated, and a 9.3 piece and 5.25 yard piece of OD 1.1 DWR nylon ripstop. All in all a great find.

I just wanted to share this with people who would understand. I just got dirty looks from the person I was with, until I told her the retail price I would have paid if I ordered this stuff online.

It's good to see there are still some fabric departments left with what we need. So when in doubt, stop in and look. Never know what you will find.