I'm getting ready to order a TeWa 3 season UQ. Even though it's a 3 season I still plan to use it for the remainder of this winter with the understanding that I may need to add a little more insulation under me. I'm also in the market for a new hammock (I have an ENO Single) and a cat-cut tarp (I have a rectangular tarp I don't like.) For just a couple of dollars more then the price of the UQ I could get a WB Traveler 1.7 Dbl and an MacCat Deluxe. I have a Therm-A-Rest Ridge Rest for a pad. Will a 3 season quilt or the the pad keep me warmer during the winter months. I'm guessing that I should do the UQ and use the pad as added insulation and replace the hammock and tarp, that I already have, down the road when more funds open up.

Am I on the right track here or am I overlooking something?