Hi everyone....new to the forum just wanted to introduce myself. Been "lurking" around your site for some time and finally got my ENO Singlenest today so i guess its official. Im on my way to being a hanger. I live in Port Clinton, PA and am fortunate enough to have an address on the AT, literally, there is a white blaze in front of my house on a pole. Anyways, been backpacking for some time, always been a tent or tarp user but im sick of the hard rocky mountains we have in PA.
Went with a gray/red Singlenest to match my pack and ordered a seatbelt simple sling from Strapworks. Ive been looking at getting Cinch clips but when i went to order the shipping is actually more than the clips...anyone know a local place i could possibly buy them from?
Quick thanks to angrysparrow for help with my reqistration!