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    I recently went to the walmart in our town and they had none, said that they never get any nylon in the dollar or cheap bin. Maybe because this is in Canada? I would not think so but no idea, also here at fabric stores when i ask for fabric with a weight of 1.9ox/yr they have no idea. They say they never weigh fabric. So im not to sure what i should do here. Since that old stuff i had broke. I found some nylon ripstop that seems a bit stronger that i was thinking of useing for the tarp it seems to repel water god under the tap. They dont care anything else they said that would be much better. Problem is this stuff is 12.50 a meter. I dont know how that compares to your prices. Alot or is that normal. And thihnk that would be worth buying enough of that to make the hammock out of as well. Or two much money. that saying a length of 3.5m is 43$ not bad i guess. On the weekend went to a cmaping store in bigger town and saw that they were selling these hammocks for 25$ that were made of nylon, and rope at the end so it was wider so not as tight on your shoulders. They were calling them parachute hammocks i think, wondering what people thought of these?

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    $43 for a homemade hammock just for the fabic seems quite high. I think you can order the fabric online for alot cheeper. I don't have the sites but people should be able to list them for you. I got lucky and found a bunch of 1.1 and 1.9 at my local walmart. You might want to just look for yourself instead of asking because most times it is labeled "Remnants of unknown Fiber content and origin".

    I have a Tavelers Hammock that sounds like the Parachute hammock you mentioned. It is what I have been using and it works good. I will be moving to a DIY hammock once I make it.

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    As an internet source try
    check their outdoor fabrics- rip stop runs 6$ (US) per yard- roughly half I think, but I don't know what the border taxes would be.

    I have one of the parachute "silk" hammocks- yes it is nylon not actual silk, (from ebay)- it is wide and comfy if you hang it loosely and stretch out on a diagonal to the ends. I've added a line to hold the ends at a constant distance from each other, and allow me to tighten up the hanging straps.

    Hope this helps some, Betsy

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