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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave L View Post
    Well got to try out the HH this weekend. Friday night was in the high 40's.
    It was pretty cold but I was perfectly fine in the HH. I wore a knit hat, fleece pants and a fleece pullover. Put my feet in the box of the mummy bag and laid on top of the Blue Walmart pad. It worked perfectly.

    Saturday night was not as cold but for some reason my back was wet.
    Also when I got in the Hammock one side was too loose on the tree and I came crashing to the ground. That was fun. I never got very situated the rest of the night because I was scared to move.>LOL.
    I was not quite perfectly on the pad that night. Just wondering why there was condensation Saturday but not Friday?

    It was really comfortable however if there was a strong wind or rain I don't see how the rain fly could protect you. It doesn't even cover the Hammock 100%. I'd say about 80% coverage.
    That's where the HH Supershelter is helpful. The undercover adds a bit of wind and rain protection. If you do a search on the SS, you will find a lot of pros/con discussions here and at Whiteblaze.

    But that SPE approach is cheap and super effective plus your all set if you should have to go to ground one night. Hopefully that will never happen, but it has happened to me above timberline in the Rockies. though of course, you are on a pad in the hammock and many folks hate that. I prefer no pad ( just the SS if needed), but a pad/SPE in the hammock is still a lot better than a pad on the ground, to say the least. I have not had any noticeable condensation problems with a pad/SPE and sleeping in fleece. Perhaps the fleece just made the condensation not noticeable?
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