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    Quote Originally Posted by headchange4u View Post

    That's a great idea. You would have to make sure the grommet is large enough for the bite valve to pass through.

    Another method you could use would be to have overlapping folds of fabric, like the way a pack's hydration port is made.

    Everytime I go hiking...I have these crazy invention ideas pop into my head. This was one, and I also thought about some type of removable boot sole that could be clipped on/off the bottom of trail runners, so when hiking in rocky areas (PA for instance) you could have more support and foot protection from sharp edges/rocks, but then remove them when not needed, and still have the blister-forgiving/quick drying fit of a trailrunner. I thought you could have them attach like the Step-In Snowboarding Bindings (see pic)
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    There's a snowshoe setup that has a lightweight hiking boot, an overboot, and a snowshoe. They all clip together as a set. I forget the name, but it might give you some ideas if you search for it.
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    Using a nalgene inside the hammock never occurred to me; seems like it's more complicated and more stuff to deal with than I'd care for.
    I use a little water bottle of the sort you sometimes get on airplanes or the like, 8-oz plastic. Tie cord around the neck with a loop, insert a micro-biner, hang it along with everything else hanging on the ridgeline, slide up and back (possibly using a foot) when thirsty. Same solution could work for a pee-bottle for those that use one. Just don't get them confused in the middle of the night.

    I kept the HH mesh thing; the smaller of the two pockets is useless/annoying for many things, but I always end up stuffing something in, typically a small headlamp. Most things I want to hang are easy --- thermometer sometimes, watch, clothes to dry out, limited extra clothes from the loop at the head-end.

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