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    how did you do the tie outs?
    Very carefully!

    I put the webbing on each side and sewed a Z pattern for the tie outs. By putting the webbing on both sides I felt that the fabric would only have to handle the pulling from the tieouts and the webbing would hold the thread better. I did not put extra material in the corners because I felt it would weaken it more than help due to the extra needle holes. The needle leaves a disctinct hole in this fabric that does not self heal.

    I bartacked the webbing to the ridgeline. I did not want to sew in the direction of the ridgeline because it would result in a series of needle holes that could act like a "quick open tab" The cuben fiber is closer to dealing with tyvek than nylon.

    I had read somewhere that because of the low stretch of cuben that the cat cut is not as critical. I feel this is true because I cut straight lines and it was plenty tight with no stretch.

    In the intitial hang this all seemed to be correct. I believe in testing then test some more so I will post anything that did not work.
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