OK guys, this is my first DIY project, so take it easy on me.
The good thing about my project, is that it actually worked!
So, without further due, here it is.

I used 1.1 ripstop, 2 layers of IX, and fleece.

I left channels for shock cord, however I don't really need it.

Total dimensions are 72"L x 48"W(Top) x 20"W(Bottom)

DIY Stuff Sack.

In the stuff sack measuring 19"x 6"

Over all, Very warm!
I used it on the Uwharrie hang, and stayed quite warm at temperatures in the high 20s to low 30's.
I don't have a scale, but it is very light weight and doesn't take much space in my pack.
I am very happy with this project, and will soon be working on a UQ made with IX, however, I haven't decided what other materials to use with it.

It was very cost efficient, at about $40.00, and the fact that I made it myself kinda gives it a special feel to it.
I know its not down, compressible, or feather light, but the fact of the matter is, It didn't even cost me a fraction of a down quilt either.(types with his chin up high)

Thanks for looking at my project, and happy hangin'!