OY! No...I'm not an Aussie. But Shug has me doing all these weird accents and I just can't stop me sef. (SEE!)

I am a stormtracker for emergency management and the National Weather Service in southern Oklahoma. It's kind of seasonal work, so I manage a hotel at night. I've always been an outdoorsman. About three years ago, I quit smoking (three packs a day) and incidently gained an enormous amount of weight. So I have renewed my outdoor interests and commitments for my health. I have a large Columbia Cougar Flatts 2 with all the trimmings for car camping. But I have found through many day hikes....I like being alone in the woods. So, I started researching light weight packable tents. That is when I stumbled onto the wildest vaudvillian trekker I've ever made acquaintance with. So like many, Shug got me interested, and I followed through with my own research. I have decided on a Hennesey Safari Deluxe, (cuz I'm only a tater under 350)...and a mandolin.

I recently found out that my 16 year old daughter, who lives with her momma in LosAngeles, wants to come stay with her daddy. So very soon, a couple of rookie hangers will be slapping straps around any trees of opportunity. I'll have many questions I bet, so I'm glad to be aboard.

Ta Ta