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You might want to reconsider Primaloft for your quilt. There are other products out there that have better weight/insulation values and are also more stable. I think it's a good choice for clothing, but I'd go with something continuous filament for a quilt.

Thanks much for the warm welcome all.

Blackbishop, I know the problems with using a short staple insulation like Primaloft, but the stuff I'm using is the prequilted Primaloft One, which should be sufficiently stabilized (or at least, I think it will be sufficiently stabilized ) and has the best weight to insulation ratio I could find. With a clo of .84/oz it seemed like the right choice, since by my calculations I should end up with a 12oz quilt (and that's with a doubled layer under the torso too) that should be good for me down to about 30 with normal sleep clothes. I'm open to suggestions (though I already have the Primaloft) if there's something better out there, but basically I'm looking for that three-season adaptability, so nothing too heavy (I'll likely build a special winter underquilt later, but I'm not much of a winter hiker in any case.) I did consider Climashield XP, but it seemed to work out heavier for a given insulation value no matter what weight I used (2.5oz or 5oz) though of course it doesn't have the stabilization problem and wouldn't need to be layered under the torso. I'd be glad of some advice on handling any kind though, since it's been awhile since I've worked with any kind of insulation.

Thanks again all.