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    I'm still using braided mason line for economy, but I find I need to replace lines every now and then because the stuff abrades in the area of my taut-line hitches. That may be because in a back yard setup with stakes always in the same spot the hitches tend to be in the same place on the line. When the line gets fuzzy it gets harder and harder to slide the taut line hitches.

    I haven't tried Speer No-Tangle yet because I'm afraid I'll like it too much.

    I have Dynaglide I could use with whoopees, but part of me rebels at using something that's so much stronger than it needs to be.

    I tried Triptease, but found the sheath separated from the core too easily.

    Side-note to Old Gringo: a friend of mine had a stroke years ago, and I was impressed at one of the adaptive practices he employed, namely replacing his shoelaces with bungees permanently tied in a bow so he could manage one-handed. When a set of hiking boot laces started fraying last year I replaced them with bungees. I wasn't sure if I would sacrifice some ankle support, but it didn't seem to be the case (or not much). It made me more likely to stop and stick my feet in a stream occasionally because taking-off and putting-on was quicker. You could try bungees in your moccasins - the problem isn't that the laces stretch, it's that they don't retract again. (Alternatively, try Triptease - at night you'd look like the kids with lights in their sneakers.)
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    Hello my friend Snowshoe here (mike) found this site alot of info. Great!!!

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