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    Claytor Jungle Hammock Review

    Hello everyone. I am posting this ongoing review in hopes of providing information for the forum since I do not see anything recent in the last year or so in case someone is looking to purchase one of these hammocks. I recently ripped (my fault) my snugpak jungle hammock netting and needed a replacement (not repairable) so after much debating and shopping (considered DD, Warbonnet, & Hennessy) I ordered (September 2017) two 3M Long Claytor Jungle Hammocks. I did not purchase a tarp because I already own two Bushcraft USA 10x12 Coyote brown tarps that I use. I purchased these hammocks with the intent of replacing the suspension system as I did not like the ones pictured on the website. I ordered the "Long" version simply to increase the overall length in hopes of increasing comfort. For information purposes I am 5'9" and weigh 254lbs stepping out of the shower. My wife is..umm shorter and less plump but more round . Below is my learning and observations so far:

    Shipping: Tom ships on Thursdays and thankfully I ordered on a thursday morning. It shipped that evening. It took literally almost all 15 business days to reach me and with little to no updating from the carrier (usps shipping). It was held up in customs for days with no updates and I received my only "in country" update the day that it arrived saying that it would be delivered that day. I did email Tom once to ask if the estimated 15 days were business days and he responded in less than 24 hrs. I literally got three updates...shipped in Thailand, arrived in New York, and out for delivery. This is in no way Tom's fault of course.

    Product: The hammocks arrived in a see through shipping bag in perfect condition. Upon several inspections after unpacking I found no defects and was very happy with my products. To date I am still 100% satisfied with the quality of the hammocks.

    Initial Hang: I set up the hammocks after installing my new suspension systems. Let me say that I am by no means a hammock expert but rather a converted ground sleeper. I removed the ropes and added a set of 1/8" Amsteel continuous loops (15"), dutch biners, amsteel cinch buckles (not the UL one) with 1/8" Amsteel, Dutch's 3" 2600 pound Rated (12kn) carabiners,and 15' Dyneema straps. I could not be happier with the ease of set-up with this suspension versus my old loop setup. The biners are for easy deployment of my snugpak cocoon so that I don't have to re-adjust the straps.

    First Real Hang: We went to the Sipsey Wilderness and camped at the lower Turkey Foot Falls close to the waterfall. The hammocks went up fast and we experienced no condensation all night with the cocoons deployed (turned hammock upside down). The temp was 58 degrees at night and we did not use the tarps. This was my wife's first hike, first camping adventure, and first night in a hammock. She scared the heck out of the bears with her snoring . She absolutely loved her set-up. I inserted my Therm-a-rest trail scout pad into the double layers and had no issues with the pad shifting or sliding on me. My ground sleeping buddy borrowed the set-up the last night and left his tent at the truck (we went home). He absolutely loved the hammock and is now converting into a hanger. Btw I am a side sleeper at home and in a tent due to health issues (sleep apnea) but find that in a hammock I can sleep on my back if my upper body is elevated slightly.

    Future Test: We will be back at Sipsey in January and I hope to have better pictures and information for the post. Hopefully later this year we will make it to Linville Gorge and I will try it with a ground cloth as a tent using my trekking poles.

    Here are some pictures of the initial hang before the rainstorm hit. They suck as the are from a crappy phone and everything was done in hast due to the incoming weather. Btw...I will spare you the pics of my wife because that may cause me to have a shorter life span if she finds out I posted pics of her in her pj's in the hammock





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    Great review, thank you! You look pretty comfortable! Post some pix from the trip, maybe?

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    Hi emigrant1. Here is a pic or two of the trip. We used our crappy cell phone cameras so the quality is poor. I didn't want to carry my D3200 due to size and weight. I'm looking for a good pocket sized camera for trips. If your looking for specifics like elevation changes, hangs, etc just let me know. The kids had the cameras for the most part and unfortunately I don't have any of our Claytor hammocks. A recent tropical storm had knocked down several trees yet the falls were dry as usual for this time of year. Enjoy.

    Top Of The Falls-Upper Turkey Foot

    My Wife Enjoying Her New Osprey Atmos AG 65L

    Cave on the 209 Trail
    Sipsey (156).jpg

    Sipsey (159).jpg

    Sipsey (171).jpg

    Sipsey (151).jpg

    Upper Turkey Foot Falls
    Sipsey (39).jpg

    Lower Turkey Foot Falls
    Sipsey (92).jpg

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