Hey everybody, glad to see more forums hanging around that cover the many goofy hobbies I've picked up over the last year!

I live in Denver (Lakewood, specifically), CO. Got into hammocking probably about 6 months ago, pretty much just out of boredom -- same thing can be said for most of my interests. Started with one I made out of just some heavy-weight cotton fabric and some poly-rope i bought at Home Depot, but it turned out to be too short and too narrow (probably 7ft x 48in). So I made another one a month ago or so that I set up in my room to sleep in that's made of canvas (9ft x 60in) and some better rope i picked up at REI. And finally, my third hammock that i just made yesterday is one I intend to take hiking/camping which i made out of some rip-stop.

My friend and I did some 'test' camping in our older hammocks towards the end of last summer, and we tried our current setups a few weeks ago on a night that got down to 20 degrees (didn't go so well, haha. But now we know what we need to improve on).

That's the gist of my history with hammocks. Hope my stay here will be a knowledgeable one!