I've been lurking around here for about a year and decided its time to come out of the closet. I am a long-time hiker and backpacker and began making gear a few years ago. The guarantee on my knees ran out and I needed to lighten the load - DIY seemed the easiest way to do this.

I put together a gathered-end hammock last spring, added a bugnet and took it with me to NH for hiking in the Whites. I had minimal insulation and with the weather cool and wet I only got to use it a few times. I did enjoy leaving the Kinsman Notch shelter around 7pm, knowing I could find a campsite along the ridge whenever I wanted to.

I am currently converting a Jardine-like quilt to an underquilt. If it works out maybe I'll try to make a down underquilt next. (Maybe I can make the Indiana hang to give it a real test.)

Thanks for all the ideas - this is a great site.